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2017 Venice for sale

Asking $17500 for...uh...Vinmates.  Located in St. Louis.  PM me a phone number and we can chat.

2017 Vanderhall Venice, color: gray

Purchased June 2018
Miles- 3780 (may go up a small amount)
Oil changed at 1500 miles. 
Four cylinder turbocharged motor coupled to a six speed automatic
LED Headlights, Turn Signals, Brake Lights
Dual Servo Brakes with ABS*
Traction Control
Bump shifter kit installed
Stainless Steel dead pedal kit installed
Stainless Steel traction plate installed
Interior: Black
Heated Seats
Wooden steering wheel
Temperature gauge
Battery pigtail installed, kept on float charger
Some surface dust.
1375 dry weight
400 Watt BT Stereo
Factory rear (chrome) luggage rack included, but not installed.
Owners manual and factory workshop manual included (electronic format)
Very fun drive autocar.  It runs and rides as is should.  I just find that when given a choice, I keep getting on the motorcycle.  That, and I have a 17 year old with a brand new license.  
No leaks; engine is very clean, as is the chassis.  This cycle sounds terrific and runs like a scalded ape.  
There are two disclosures-  the ABS light is on and the hood was punctured.  I do not know the condition that triggers the ABS light, but the brakes work fine.  It might be a short, a burnt fuse or a bad sensor.  The hood is repaired, but not repainted.  It is left for the next owner to address it in their own manner.  I would prefer to sell it to someone who is looking to get into the autocar scene.  

[Image: IMG-4063.jpg]
[Image: IMG-4056.jpg]
engine bay:
[Image: DSC-3083.jpg]
[Image: DSC-3082.jpg]
[Image: DSC-3080.jpg]
[Image: DSC-3079.jpg]
[Image: DSC-3092.jpg]
The hood-  paint it, wrap it or cover with a different stripe?
[Image: DSC-3107.jpg]
[Image: DSC-3108.jpg]
End on an older picture before someone poked a hole in the hood-
[Image: IMG-4051.jpg]

gudgeonpin, that sounds like a great price for it. These ittle roadsters are becoming classic even before they age.
Once the electric versions come out, the price of the used ones will go up, like the old classic cars did.

For those who are contemplating buying such vehicle, don't think too much nor wait too long. These are so much
fun to drive. Any excuse I need and off I go out with it. It's like therapy for the hum-drums of life. Having my music
with me while cruising on a Vanderhall is priceless.


Cheers, Microfox- I couldn't agree more. They are a hoot to drive- I describe it like driving a hotrod go-kart.
If I need to put it on cycletrader or another website, it won't be at this price. This is for someone looking to get into this scene.

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