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American Marine & MotorSports

After about 2 years of renting and ghosting the FB and this sites forums the stars fell into alignment to purchase a Vanderhall.
It would have been more than 4 rental trips but not always successful.  Actual reason why:
* None are available.
* Sold the unit you were going to rent.
* Previous renter has not returned the unit yet.
* Last renter was hit by someone with no insurance, sitting in the shop until its settled.

So, since they didn't have any used ones I asked about a 2020 Blackjack.  Said they would get back to me but never did so I assumed they couldn't get one.

Found a 2018 Venice at American Marine & MotorSports.  Talked with Jimmy (sales), Tim (tech), and Brian the manager.  Tim not only works on Vanderhalls for American Marine and MotorSports but also showed a passion for them.  Overall a great experience and well worth over 8 hours round trip.

No longer a rental availability issue, now 2018 Vanderhall Venice owner.

Congrats on getting a VH. In case anyone else is looking Open Road Motorsports in St George Utah has a used 2019 Venice for sale.

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