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BNR Tuner vs Vanderhall VHP Tuner

Is there any performance difference between the Vanderhall Tuner (VHP) and the BNR Tuner. After reading reviews it is apparent that a Tuner is a must have for the Vanderhall.
Thanks, Broncryder

It is a must if you like reducing the life of your front tires by half. Personally is has enough power as is.

I've been around the tuning world for quite a while with my 2016 Hyundai Veloster. In my experience, tunes from different tuning companies are unlikely to be exactly the same. If you are interested in squeaking out max power then you need a tuning solution that is more interactive via datalogging and dyno pulls. ZZPerformance seems to be a great route for this. BNR seems to be more along the lines of plug n play. I was very interested in getting my Venice tuned before I even got it. After I took delivery I was very satisfied with the power. I also got the bump shifter so any complaints about early shifting were mitigated. If you don't already have the bump shifter I would highly recommend that before sinking money into a tune because it really adds to the experience.

The BNR tune offers full data logging and customization as well. Just FYI

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