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BNR tune kit

If there was a warrantee problem and the tune was returned to stock, would the dealer be able to determine there had been a tune?

(08-25-2020, 01:53 PM)Vector-BFC Wrote:  If there was a warrantee problem  and the tune was returned to stock, would the dealer be able to determine there had been a tune?
According to a factory rep, yes, they could tell a tune had been applied. Moreover, he said it would void the warranty, at least on the engine and transmission. That is what I was told. Can't confirm what Vanderhall would actually do. HTH.

I'll be waiting until warrantee expires.

(08-25-2020, 08:22 AM)Jerry@BNR Wrote:  
(08-10-2020, 12:19 AM)Fiddyfoe Wrote:  
(05-26-2020, 03:48 PM)Dnflty Wrote:  
(05-26-2020, 12:59 PM)Vector-BFC Wrote:  After warrantee perhaps but for now I'll stay stock.
You do not need to purchase another else to install the tune. The unit contains the tune for both the engine and transmission. It comes with the plug that connects to the machine, nothing else to buy. Only takes a few minutes, and the install went perfect! Fuel mileage suffers when being "sporty", but you will definitely feel the difference immediately. Turns the cooling fan on sooner, so the engine runs about 190 to 200 degrees. Happy Riding!
Not really a reply to your post, Dnifty, just adding my two cents to the end of this thread. BNR finally came out with their free-standing hand held module so I bought their tune. Again, as has been said, there are two programs, engine and transmission that you can revert back to original any time. I have a bump shifter but the trans program is so good that if I didn't, I'd be sorely tempted to reprogram the trans and call it a day. When the dust settles it's cheaper than the bump shifter with all the stuff that you need with it plus you get a superb tune for the engine if you want it (you will). I had some trouble installing the programs. It hooked up fine and when I turned on the key the module said engine something something loading. Fine, it said that for two hrs until I gave up and turned the key off. As soon as I did the window on the module filled up with more stuff and a loading bar. Turned the key back on quickly but unknowingly got a partial program. Same with the trans prog. Had 4th gear only, no bump, indicated P the whole time, no CC and no 1-6 gear indicator. It did quite well actually in 4th, very torquey and felt like a small block V-8. Went back and reprogrammed. Started and restarted the process a couple times until i got the loading bar to come up from the start. Knew what to look for at that point. Cleanly loaded both programs and haven't looked back. Stuff keeps disappearing too quickly back there now anyway. I'll take their word on the power and torque. First freeway on-ramp I hit I was in triple digits before I knew it. The turbo sounds are much louder when revving and that coupled with a quick-chop silence when throttling down is disconcerting at first in an "oh crap, broke it already" way. Not so, it's a screamer now, literally and figuratively. I figured to get the power up and the temp down it would be dumping in beaucoup fuel. Again, not so much. Went from 38 mpg to 35.5 (-6.5%). Frankly, I expected it to be in the minus 15-20% range. I wasn't acting like an idiot but I wasn't old-ladying it either. Regular driving while punching it a little more than usual to test the warp drive. My temp has not come down as much as advertised. Regularly running just under 210, occasionally down to 205 in certain speed/gear regimes. No further. (With a thermometer gauged in tens of degrees, it isn't an absolute temp for me but merely relative to what's normal). My feet have noticed, though. Maybe it's a Speedster thing (no through ventilation in the fwd cabin) and the floorboards get pretty warm. Should get even better with a cat bypass (out of stock now for months) and some wrap on the pipes. I cut a hole in the bottom of the heater plenum that aims at my feet so no problem in winter. i'm in FL so it's not a huge problem anyway and shouldn't be even in cooler climes. Nonetheless, my feeing overall is , quoting Nike, just do it. Me likee, GI.

I don't get on here much, but feel free to email me if you want me to lower the target engine temp further. It's not an exact number I set, just a target. I can lower it some more if you'd like. On the 2020s it's set up even weirder, where its basically just fan power at certain temps, so I can mess with that some too if you want. Just email me and let me know if you decide to change it, but 195-210 is right where you want a fuel injected motor. Any lower than 195 and it won't be able to burn off atmospheric contaminants in the oil.
What a splendid offer. Thanks. Mine’s a 2019, btw. Like I said above, I don’t know how accurate the gauge in the vehicle is in an absolute sense. Let me try to get some trustworthy independent readings and see what we really have. Roger your points re boiling off contaminants and wholeheartedly concur. In the main, I’d rather be operating a little lower in the envelope rather than pushing the far edge in normal ops. A little wiggle room is always welcome if things start to go south on you. My compliments on the eng and trans programs, btw. The  programmer as well. Strong work all the way around.

(08-25-2020, 01:53 PM)Vector-BFC Wrote:  If there was a warrantee problem  and the tune was returned to stock, would the dealer be able to determine there had been a tune?
Maybe that’s something you can address with They might have a handle on the digital footprints their tune may or may not leave behind.

Good suggestion, thanks Joe.

(08-26-2020, 01:50 PM)Vector-BFC Wrote:  Good suggestion, thanks Joe.
I should think VDH would likely go all Sauron on us whether they had the all-seeing eye or not. Good bidness. Put the word out and it keeps the faint of heart from getting adventurous and them from replacing too many engines, if that’s even a concern. BNR might also have some insight on that. Hint hint I suspect weekend cruisers with an occasional stoplight jackrabbit probably don’t see a lot of catastrophic failures. I personally don’t care, but those that do the BNR install may not want to post the fact here that they up-tuned even if it doesn’t leave footprints. Easy bust for corporate if there’s enough 2+2 here to ID a perp while cross referencing with other possible social media. A gen Z with a computer is cheaper than multiple engine replacements. Par-a-noia strikes deep, into your posts it will creep... apologies to Buffalo Springfield.

Just got the BNR tuner for 2022 1.5L VV didn't want it any faster. Did want some better drivability and better low end torque. Figured it was a car engine and now its in a 1500lb rev trike.  Put the BNR tune in it after all the Talk about " JUST get it its GREAT."  I didn't think it was so great. UGH 1300$ Non refundable.

Put the stock tune back in and just did the Transmission tune. I again liked it had all good parts changed. Now would shift at proper time and I noticed much smother deceleration. 

Wrote customer service as 1300$ was a lot for a tune. Got a response asking what I was looking for in the engine tune?
I wanted  better low end torque not all the hissing and popping of the K and N and the Turbo. Better fuel economy and not a wild torque steer when the turbo kicked in.

Within a few moments, I was given "FRANKS TUNE" downloaded it from email and EFI site as instructed. WOW, it is actually very tame until I want it to be, then it kicks in when I "PUNCH IT" 

If you don't want your HOA association screaming at you. and want to hear radio instead of blow off valves.

Try and ask for Franks tune. Its a very nice compromise and now I feel I got all my moneys worth!

Thank you Customer Service at BNR !!!  Well done.  Just MHO.

Just went back to factory tune, kept the transmission tune, you cant return it as it marrys to the vin.  

Dont need a race car, it will get you in trouble. Can always load it back in. I like the less noise under the hood and better fuel economy.  Seems the flashing unit has alot more you can do with it but no instructions.  

Will keep playing with it.

Just saw there is a new firmware update. Put in a tkt on how to proceed? Reflash and then add my special tune? wonder if there are any transmission updates too.
Was a bit fiddley to get the program to take it, I should READ more carefully. It says shut down the autocal app and download update then relaunch. Will keep people in the loop on how the procedure goes. Say Aug 4 2022 was last update to version 3.00.096.

Got a nonsense remark from them, UGH The update scan tool has an update but I see that the E80 has an up date too. Code for my engine. The owner is spot on, the email person, Not so much, doing the update Still using something called Franks Tune. Allows power, but as I need it. the torque steer is horrendous on these. Seeing tons of wrecked Vandys. They can pull hard to one side when that turbo pulls in.

Just did the reflash on the auto cal and looks like a firmware update too.
Brought everything up to date and reflashed Vandy. All seems well will update if anything changes good or bad.

10/26/22 just did the software and hardware updates on the auto cal and it took a e80 update for the 2022 Vanderhal venice too. Cant put my finger on whats changed. mostly placebo. seems smoother power curve, was cool today 63F

Will report with gas mileage.

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