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CV boot failure

CV boot split, grease everywhere. Took it to the shop this morning for repair. VH didn't just send a new boot they sent a complete driveshaft assembly. Dealer was having difficulty getting the driveshaft out, he said won't be done today, nice enough to give me a ride home 35 miles away and said they would deliver when complete. Stuff happens but it is nice to have a good dealer like Open Road Motorsports in St. George Utah.

That is what I will be looking at. I am a little angry that in January, a Vanderhall rep told me this is completely normal and I have been driving on it ever since - potentially at high risk based on what happened to the guy with the white VH on the facebook forum. Almost wish that Polaris would buy them out and get a real company running the place

Are you saying the VH Rep. said a split boot is normal?

New drive-shaft is in, oil changed. I asked dealer to give it a good examination, the heat shield was pealing off of the hood, VH is sending a new heat shield. Looks like I won't get it back until Saturday.

VH rep was repeating what a VH mechanic told him, that it is normal. There was no specific mention of a CV boot tear as far as I recall and I have not looked carefully myself, but the data adds up to that.

I am going to have the shop look mine over real well too. The new dealer sells every Vanderhall he is getting in (ususally tries to get 4 but they are selling faster than he can accumulate 4) so hopefully the service shop gets up to speed quickly on these and their quirks

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