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Error code P2138

I got error code p2138 on my OBD when the engine light came on . Then the error disappears . It has something to do with throttle sensor . I’m wondering it is okey now to drive as the engine light is off . Should I expect to have the same error again . Any one had a similar issue 

So- my answer comes from my owning a 2017 model. At least on that year (and I see no reason the practice wouldn't continue), VH used and adapted a Chevy Cruze wiring harness to work with the Venice. There are lots of sensors that were never connected, sometimes grounds that were not connected. So there can be all sorts of weird errors that pop up because of this.
If it appears/disappears, my first thoughts would be 1) somewhere there is a poor connection. Either connector or ground. Check connectors around the throttle to ensure they are fully seated. 2) a sensor might be going bad. Usually they outright fail, but I've seen some that fail in a temperature dependent fashion.
Hope that helps-

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