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Home made Shorty windscreen

    Just mocked up a 9 inch tall windscreen. Want to try looking over it, instead of through it. 

Did not try it yet. Rather cold in Pennsylvania. 

Contacted F4, to see if they can provide one if works out.
Many street bikes have short windscreen to deflect bugs up.  My Harley street glide has a 4 inch screen.

Just experimental.....
Tested it out today, works great no flutter or vibrations. Still seeing it in my view a bit. Think may take it from 9 inches tall to 8 and flame polish the edges.  54 in PA right now.

Looks great, hows it working out?? What material did you use?

Optipex, i actually want it a little lower rather see over it than though it. Looks really nice too. And it bends flexes and can be cut with a jigjaw sanded and flame polished edges

Electronics tech 
Passion for Vanderhall


That looks awesome!
I also used Optiplex (acrylic) plastic when I cut my own wings for the Vanderhall, and that
has been working wonderfully. Very inexpensive way to deflect some wind and look good too.


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