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Hi all,

Who in Nevada insures the Vanderhalls? I am having trouble finding affordable quotes.

Thanks in advance.

I'm not sure about Nevada specifically, but State Farm is my insurer and I was going to recommend them, but I actually just looked over my account and my premiums for the Vanderhall are higher than the premiums for my car, which seems backwards to me. I'm paying like $74/mo to insure the Venice, and $48/mo for my car. I'm thinking maybe I should look around for a better quote too.

Sorry I can't help make recommendations, but thank you for bringing it up so that I saw how much I'm paying.

Hello, Shelybly! You seem a new member here so first of all, I want to say welcome to you here. Secondly, you asked that Who in Nevada insures the Vanderhalls? I am feeling bad to tell you that I have no idea about it.

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