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Introduction and a question

Howdy, All....
Just got my '22 Venice GT a couple weeks ago, and using it every chance I get. Weather ins't yet cooperating here in Colorado...
Loving the experience so far!
Question: Twice now my speedo has indicated incorrectly (anywhere from 75-110 while stopped). It has eventually zeroed itself out, but doesn't make me very comfortable... Any ideas out there?

Welcome to the world of misfit toys!
I scrounged around a bit and found this that was previously posted, I'm sure most will not apply but with the lack of Vanderhall quality checks you never of luck hope this helps. Danno

I had a similar problem with mine. The speedhut gauges work diffrently than the stock gauge cluster for the GM Sonic/Cruise our vanderhall's are based on. I have a few questions.

Do the gauges plug directly into your OBD2 port?

If not, do you have anything else plugged into port? like a anti theft or vehicle tracker or a scanner.

Do you have an aftermarket stereo?

These can interfere with the gauges where you'll only get some gauge readings. Also I would check the data cables that go from gauge to gauge behind the dash, they look like head phone wire/connectors. You can just replace them with quality connectors and see if they make a difference.

Just FYI, the search function works pretty well on this forum if you need to find something as well.

Welcome, will look into that issue.

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