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Most recent posts

Should add a button that displays the most recent posts, so that we can easily stay up to date on threads or comments posted here.


The are two buttons on the very top: one says "New Posts" and the other says "Today's Posts."

That's what I use to see what has been added recently (since my last visit). I do receive e-mail
notifications, but that's only for things that I follow or where I posted. The buttons shows anything new.


Ook ty. Still getting used to this site and I don't want to keep looking through ancient posts ?

One useful feature is to search for text of interest and see what comes up.
Another one is to see the threads of users who tend to contribute a lot.
If you click on the "Members" button (up there on top) you can see who
has been around for how long and number of threads or articles they have
contributed. Look at their profiles. Many people have added substantial amount
of material that was very useful to me when I was researching buying a Vanderhall.

The only downside is that this site has been overlooked by many Vanderhall owners.
Facebook is great, but has an ephemeral nature so that interesting material falls
quickly by the wayside, never to be found again without substantial research.


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