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New england vandys

Anyone else up here in the new england area??

Sorry, I am not in that area, but still it's an interesting call out.

I could ask the same thing related to the city I am at. Since driving for the past two months,
I never saw *any* Vanderhall on the roads. Only a few Polaris Slingshots on the road. Makes
me wonder if I am the only one driving one in a large town. Granted, this time of year in Ohio
is not exactly convertible weather, but I do have my Heat Keeper on mine to warm me up and
the fact that I bought my Vanderhall in December is not going to keep me from enjoying it.

The looks I get are priceless.


Same here. Ran into a slingshot at a winery. Still no vanderhalls. But I have seen a few people on fb that may be close to my area.

You can register on this Vanderhall site to see who is around you!!!

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Passion for Vanderhall

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