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O2 sensor delayed response code P015B

Has anyone had this issue before? I got a 2022 Vanderhall Venice GTS a few months ago and after around 600 miles, the check engine light came on and the code is P015B.

I had some issues in the past:
- two broken Original gas cap leading to evap system issues (running with a after market gas cap)
- odometer reset to 0 once (waiting on the dealer for parts)
- now the newest issue seems to be on the o2 sensor

Does anyone know if I can buy the o2 sensor elsewhere instead of having to wait for several weekends on Vanderhall?

When i did my post delivery inspection.
I found several loose grounds, also some of the fuses relays were not seated correctly.  In addition i found the fuseable charging link/connection poorly made and stuffed into the fusebox.

Hopefully i was able to offset many problems by doing my own inspections. 

I would clear the code and if your code scanner allows it, test the 02 device.

I was getting misc codes, after every fill up or cap change.

Never has it been an actual problem, but i keep checking. Have about 1500. Miles on it so far.

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Electronics tech 
Passion for Vanderhall

I've hear the owner is extremely rude to his employees and they are not motivated to do good work.

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