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Odometer Display Issue

Hey all!  I'll start by saying I have a call into my dealership already and am just waiting to hear back.  Figured I'd see if anyone else had this issue while I wait.  Picked up my 2022 Venice last weekend and just turned over the 100 mark this morning (don't judge, it's been raining almost every day since we got it), however it's not displaying the 1 in the hundreds spot on the odometer.  The tens and ones digits are still working as expected.  This also appears to be the case on the trip odometer too.  Had anyone had a similar issue and was able to fix it easily?  I'm thinking they'll need to replace the speedo/odometer.  At least I can still drive and enjoy it while I wait.  Smile

I agree, there is a flexible conductive rubber that connects to glass. Diff voltage causes lcd to shade or go clear. Sounds like input pulses are good as its clocking, and power is there as other digits are functional.  Sounds like bad zebra strip inside the unit.
Lets us know how you make out!

Electronics tech 
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Thanks, Rusty. I'll add that it is showing 0s in every other spot and I'm able to adjust the brightness too. None of the digits appear any dimmer or brighter than the rest.

Did you get this resolved, if your getting all 00000s its not the display, more the driver circuits that feed it.

How did you make out?

I was never able to get my dealer to check it out (they ghosted me after being responsive initially), but it somewhat fixed itself when I crossed 200 miles when it flipped to display 100. So my odometer is off by 100 miles but has been working fine since. I did see a thread recently in one of the Facebook groups where it sounds like a number of people have had issues where their odometers have been randomly resetting to 0. I guess I'm not the only one who's had issues with their odometers.

    Very interesting,  if you get a chance to get under the hood you can make sure all fuses and relays are properly seated.  In addition i found a few ground lugs that were not snugged to my liking. Everything  relies on voltage to ground. Few others pointed out the bump shifter and cruise all were referenced to ground.  Amazon has a very nice code reader that really can help think its called maxiscan ms309
Got mine for 7$ super sale and rebate on amazon.

You can see my code, when gas cap gets loose i prefer to fix most things myself.  Although whites harley davidson have been great so far.

What is not wrong with these fun but crappy vehicles?

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