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Road conditions

How about adding a driving, road conditions section on the forum.  What are some experiences or impressions out on the road. As for my experience, these vehicles really do not handle wet road very well at all. Prone to hydroplane at modest speeds.  My guess is fairly light vehicle ~#1500, large tires equals much larger contact area than a motorcycle. If you can imaging F-1 cars on slicks.  Spun my on a banked curve, in the rain, ended up in the opposite ditch. No real damage other than collecting lots of mud in the wheels and some dirty shorts Dodgy. I know probably avoid riding in the rain, but lets face the facts, sooner or later you will be caught out in it.  Slow way, way down and avoid all standing water.  Trust me I know.

Good advice and caution!

I don't have authority to add another group but have queried the admin. Thanks!

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