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Welcome all!! Venice Forums is a brand new enthusiast platform that is developed and maintained by myself!

Venice Forums came into existence after I decided to purchase a Venice and noticed that the only owner/enthusiast community was a Facebook group or two. I've always been a car enthusiast, and I can't count the number of times I've relied on a forum thread to solve a problem or get information about my car. I don't think Facebook is an ideal platform to organize that sort of conversation so now here we are. Feel free to post and invite your Vanderhall owner friends!

I hope that this platform helps the Vanderhall community expand, and helps members learn more about their vehicles and make new friends with other owners.

I'm interested to hear any suggestions about this site, new categories or forums, style changes, issues/bugs, etc., and also am accepting applications for admins, PM me if you're interested.
Thanks for your efforts! You might periodically mention the existence of the forum on the Vanderhall Owners Forum (Facebook). I sure would like to see more activity on this forum. It has the makings of a great (non-Facebook) resource!
That's a good idea, will do!
agree - i am not on Facebook.  this is a much better venue to discuss and share