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Full Version: Forum Rules
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This is a living document that will serve as the forum rules, and is subject to be continuously or abruptly updated at any time. In general, the rules boil down to: be kind, don't be gross, keep it civil.


1.) BE COURTEOUS - Do not bash, harass, haze, disrespect, or be an outright dick to members on this forum. This especially goes for new members. Everyone starts out as a new member.
2.) NO PORN - No posting of pornography or graphic content. This includes avatars and signatures.
3.) KEEP IT LEGAL - Do not post pictures or links that depict illegal activities in your jurisdiction.
4.) USE THE SEARCH - Please search for a topic before posting a new one. This reduces duplicate content and makes organization easier and better for everyone.
5.) NO UNSOLICITED ADVERTISING - Business ads are allowed in the Vendors section by approved vendors only. Ads to buy and sell individually are allowed in the Marketplace section only. Posting unsolicited ads anywhere else will result in one warning, and then a temporary ban. Ad spamming will result in an immediate permanent ban. One exception to this rule is putting the URL to your website in your profile
6.) MALICIOUS CONTENT - Profiles containing links to suspected malicious/hijack sites, or posts containing the aforementioned materials will result in an immediate permanent ban.


1.) NO MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS - Create only one account per user, period. 
2.) VENDOR EXCEPTION - Vendors are the only exception to rule one. A separate vendor account is allowed for approved vendors.


1.) Avatars depicting scantily clad men/women, blood, gore, or anything NSFW are strictly prohibited.
2.) Avatars depicting political affiliation or politically hot topics are generally discouraged, and may be deemed inappropriate for the forum. Best to avoid.
3.) Avatars of vendors not approved by Venice Forums are prohibited.


1.) Signatures promoting vendors must meet the following guidelines:
    a. Be an approved vendor image supplied by an approved vendor.
    b. No more than two images in a signature, and images must be horizontally tiled.
    c. Must be no larger than 160px x 34px
2.) Signatures displaying porn and/or inappropriate content (NSFW) are prohibited.
3.) Signatures must not exceed 4 lines in length.
4.) Signatures may include links, but any links determined to break rules 5 or 6 of the GENERAL GUIDELINES section above will be removed. Approved vendors MAY include advertisements in signatures.