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2020 Venice Blackjack the VH Blacksheep (Bump shifter, etc.) - EmoryBores - 10-11-2020

I'm no Texas Oatmeal, but I think I will start taking more notes and pictures of my Vanderhall adventures. I've done this with low volume motorcycles like Aprilia and it's always nice to save others some fretting, frustration, or busted knucklesWink
At least one other had the same problem I had with the brake pedal switch binding on a bracket and having the brake lights stay on most of the time - annoying and dangerous.
I've got the 2020 Venice Blackjack (VBJ) which is literally the black sheep of the Vanderhalls. It's very different from previous models (like the 2020s), but different from the 2020s too - 1.4l LE2 (versus 1.5l), different turbo (Mitsubishi), and very few options and extras (no... heat, heated seats, cruise, speakers, bump shifter, rear fender, etc.). I wanted it to be basic and no frills, but knew I wanted the bump shifter and, now I know, I want the the rear fender. The existing rear fender kit will fit the VBJ, but it only comes in gloss. No worries on painting it, since I will probably end up painting (or wrapping) the hood too. I really like the matte and general 50 shades of grey color scheme, but the hood "scratches when you look at it wrong" (to quote another VBJ owner). Maybe I Rhino Line the hood and rear fender?
So, I verified with my dealer that the bump shift kit fits all models (they verified with Vanderhall) and that it doesn't have to be installed by a dealer, so I ordered one up! The installation of the bump shift in the "door" sill pretty much followed the instructions from Vanderhall (except I had to take the "door" panel off because there is no speaker to pop out and fish out the bump shift to transmission connector). Like all of the "captured nut" clips on the Vanderhall, the ones for the bump shifter are crap. I ended up going with washer and locknuts where I could get my fingers on the bolts. It installed fine and went back together ok, but the instructions from there had no application to my 2020 VBJ:/ The transmission linkage very different. When I went to look for the 'M'anual mode block off clip, there was something that looked similar, but different. [Message me for pics.] I did my best to follow the procedure to remove the block off, but not sure if it did anything at all. [I had the hood off, so changed the oil too which is different than previous model years because the LE2 range has a traditional spin on oil filter on the bottom of engine - no big deal, but the Texas Oatmeal video didn't help me much.] After fiddling with different linkage, the shifter still wouldn't go in Manual mode:/ If I were designing something to accommodate with and without Manual mode, *I* would put the block off in the shifter end versus the transmission linkage end. So, I pulled up the shifter boot to take a look. [Boot is just tucked around inside the plastic "tunnel" cover, but my bet is that when it was assembled, they just put the cover on after the boot - message me if you want tips on how to get the boot re-tucked without moving the plastic cover.] As soon as I looked at the shifter internals, I saw that they had installed a stick on urethane stopper to limit the travel of the shifter and block off Manual mode! I pried that off (keep hold of it or it will be lost in the tunnel) and had a fully functioning Manual mode and bump shifter - yay, me a job done. [Message me for tips on getting the hood back on and all the crappy captured nut clips to align. However, there are a LOT of posts about this and I will be getting Dzus or other quarter turn fasteners before the next oil change. Fingers crossed that I won't have to get the hood off for a major failure like axle/CV or turbo.]
Everything is buttoned up and ready for the next outing. I learned a lot and am still a Vanderhall fan...

RE: 2020 Venice Blackjack the VH Blacksheep (Bump shifter, etc.) - Vector-BFC - 10-11-2020

100% fun, 50% on quality.