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Blackjack Venice Windshield - Jrchapel - 11-04-2020

Hi all,

Curious to see if anyone has had issues with the Blackjack Venice windshield being shorter. I’m right at 6’ and am really not interested in using goggles or having to wear sunglasses every single time. Thank you!

RE: Blackjack Venice Windshield - Vector-BFC - 11-04-2020

I am 6' even. wind goes just above my head.

RE: Blackjack Venice Windshield - gudgeonpin - 11-07-2020

5'10" and the same here- at 40-70mph the air pocket is very good, and pretty quiet.  Wind noise becomes less comfortable above that.  It is certainly better than any of my motorcycles.   
I would still suggest you wear glasses- sun or clear.  The air is full of dust, dirt and the crap that gets kicked up from the road.  I am a big proponent of eye protection.

RE: Blackjack Venice Windshield - Vector-BFC - 11-07-2020

I agree about eye protection having come from 50 years of motorcycle riding. I would actually like the windscreen to be an inch shorter. I chose the Blackjack because I still wanted to be "in the wind". I am going to ask F4 if they can make a shorter shield.