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Gas Puddle when filling - RustyTeeth - 06-06-2022

Seem when i fill my tank, i get a nice puddle of gas under tank. I only filled it a few times. Could this be the overflow i see on filler neck? Or is this the cause of the evap vacuum leak code that pops up? Intermittently. Thought was gas cap that was causing leak. But cap seems to be tight.

Guess my question is how can it be a sealed system that can detect slight evap pressure and have an open overflow hose. 

RE: Gas Puddle when filling - RustyTeeth - 06-23-2022

Looks like using other pumps this does not happen there is an overflow hose very close to top of filler neck for this purpose. Just dont overfill, which is easier said than done.

RE: Gas Puddle when filling - RustyTeeth - 07-05-2022

Ok, its me! Overfilling the tank. Ugh 7.57$ a gallon
Non methanol premium. When pump clicks off, its full.