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Carpet - RustyTeeth - 10-22-2022

Looking for a carpet set that covers everything. Dead pedals and wrap's the shifter, saw a phot of a nice diamond pattern in bright red. didn't say who it was from.  
Even the sides up to the seat heater switches, was going to start making a template.  UPDATE

Found carpet set that fits 2022 VV will see how the install goes, packaging was bad and a few other things I don't like. will report when i get it installed. Packing still very bad got it laid out and breathing. Actually looks kinda nice. Do have some stitching flaws in it. but it saved 50 hours cutting templates.
may install chrome button snaps where they want you to glue or velcro it in... UGH 

12/10/22 update, the wrinkles don't come out after 10 days in the warm. but the company is looking into it. They stated the packing is poor as they are saving you shipping costs. I would easily pay 20$ more for shipping. Had I known. The folded parts that were jammed into the small box are deformed. The motto is Perfection redefined so they are kindly looking into it. 

I still like it, and wont send it back but come on, its a 300$ floor mat.
Been 8 days no response on Flaws I found. 12/17/22