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Forum availability - J Patrick - 10-24-2022

I don't know why the forum was unavailable for the past couple of weeks nor why it is back up. I don't have administrative privileges so am limited in what I can do. I haven't been able to contact the administrators for the past several months to try to curb the recent rash of spam. I try to clear it at least once a day and will start watching again. If anyone has any ideas about archiving the information in this forum or possibly creating a new venue, let me know. Thanks to all and welcome back!

RE: Forum availability - gudgeonpin - 10-30-2022

Thank you for your work keeping it going!

RE: Forum availability - J Patrick - 10-31-2022

(10-30-2022, 11:14 PM)gudgeonpin Wrote:  Thank you for your work keeping it going!