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OK, I need somebody to explain to me this….
As per the BNR website:
BNR Tune 2016-2019 Vanderhall 1.4T is $799.99
BNR Tune 2020+ Vanderhall Venice Blackjack 1.4T is $1199.99
And their own product descriptions for both appear to be almost  identical; except for the reported gains are slightly different:
·         2016-2019 Venice is possible 60HP / 100 Torque
·         2018 Blackjack is possible 63HP / 92 Torque
Given that both types of vehicles have the same 1.4L EcoTec engine and 6-Speed transmission combination I am compelled to ask:
If it’s just that the tunes themselves are different – like BNR took second stab at it and got better numbers?  Could the tunes be identical and the numbers just a testing variant? 
Will the Blackjack tune (VTune 1.0) work on the earlier Venices - If not, why?     
Will the earlier tune (VTune 2.0) work on a Blackjack? And possible save $400.00 and get virtually the same resaults?
Finally, should someone who currently have VTune 1.0 have to pay full price to get VTune 2.0?
Yes, I an the kind of guy that thinks about the above….SORRY.  And, please do not think I am down on BNR – they and their products are awesome; I just want to make sense of the above.



The tune is truly awesome and imo, THE accessory to have ( second only to the bump shift)!

Two issues that I have with the 1.4  tune , 2019 version:  1.) the tranny still downshifts a bit too late in enthusiastic driving ( that’s why the bump shift is essential for more than just driver involvement).  2.) heavy acceleration in the first two gears will cause sudden loss of pressure ( dump) and reset.  Judicious application of right foot is necessary to avoid this occurrence in the lower gears. Third and fourth gears are where it truly shines in linear power delivery.

Now as to the issues you raise: I have found BNR  very responsive to prospective buyers questions.  They are  good people it seems and gladly answer concerns by email correspondence.  I would not hesitate to direct those questions to them and expect that you would get prompt and thorough reply.  I had several questions before making decision and except for when they were “under cover” and out of operation due to a hurricane, I received courteous, prompt, and accurate replies.


This is what I have been given as for the differences in these tunes:

From 2016 thru 2019 all Venice Models use a GM LUV 1.4T MPFI engine with a Garret GT14 turbocharger

In 2020, the Venice Blackjack uses a GM LE2 direct injection 1.4T engine with a Mitsubishi TD025 turbocharger.

So, the 1.4 engine is a bit different; and, thus the tunes are different.

I never asked my questions to belittle BNR, just understand.


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