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Posted by: gudgeonpin
03-06-2023, 07:50 PM
Forum: Vehicles For Sale
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Asking $17500 for...uh...Vinmates.  Located in St. Louis.  PM me a phone number and we can chat.

2017 Vanderhall Venice, color: gray

Purchased June 2018
Miles- 3780 (may go up a small amount)
Oil changed at 1500 miles. 
Four cylinder turbocharged motor coupled to a six speed automatic
LED Headlights, Turn Signals, Brake Lights
Dual Servo Brakes with ABS*
Traction Control
Bump shifter kit installed
Stainless Steel dead pedal kit installed
Stainless Steel traction plate installed
Interior: Black
Heated Seats
Wooden steering wheel
Temperature gauge
Battery pigtail installed, kept on float charger
Some surface dust.
1375 dry weight
400 Watt BT Stereo
Factory rear (chrome) luggage rack included, but not installed.
Owners manual and factory workshop manual included (electronic format)
Very fun drive autocar.  It runs and rides as is should.  I just find that when given a choice, I keep getting on the motorcycle.  That, and I have a 17 year old with a brand new license.  
No leaks; engine is very clean, as is the chassis.  This cycle sounds terrific and runs like a scalded ape.  
There are two disclosures-  the ABS light is on and the hood was punctured.  I do not know the condition that triggers the ABS light, but the brakes work fine.  It might be a short, a burnt fuse or a bad sensor.  The hood is repaired, but not repainted.  It is left for the next owner to address it in their own manner.  I would prefer to sell it to someone who is looking to get into the autocar scene.  

[Image: IMG-4063.jpg]
[Image: IMG-4056.jpg]
engine bay:
[Image: DSC-3083.jpg]
[Image: DSC-3082.jpg]
[Image: DSC-3080.jpg]
[Image: DSC-3079.jpg]
[Image: DSC-3092.jpg]
The hood-  paint it, wrap it or cover with a different stripe?
[Image: DSC-3107.jpg]
[Image: DSC-3108.jpg]
End on an older picture before someone poked a hole in the hood-
[Image: IMG-4051.jpg]

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Posted by: Shevik
03-03-2023, 10:17 AM
Forum: New Member Introductions
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Hello everyone. Big Grin

In 2021, I bought a Venice at auction.
I am in Russia, I will be glad to meet new people and new friends from all over the world. Rolleyes Rolleyes

My friend bought Carmel, by my example, but now his car is in the process of a big repair.

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Posted by: RustyTeeth
02-21-2023, 01:15 PM
Forum: Can't find a region?
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Sign up and place your pin on Map of Vandy owners. see others contact them ask questions. Meet and greet!

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Posted by: tj064u
02-20-2023, 10:41 PM
Forum: New England
- Replies (3)

Anyone else up here in the new england area??

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Posted by: tj064u
02-20-2023, 10:32 PM
Forum: Feature Requests
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Should add a button that displays the most recent posts, so that we can easily stay up to date on threads or comments posted here.

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Posted by: Arefim
02-10-2023, 08:13 PM
Forum: General Maintenance & Troubleshooting
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I have Carmel gts 2022 . I noticed today there is condensation inside the boost , gas and speedometer gauges . Any one had similar issue

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Posted by: microfox
02-06-2023, 04:35 PM
Forum: Interior Mods
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The Heat Keeper for the Vanderhall

The Heat Keeper is an accessory for your Vanderhall vehicle.
It was designed to extend its driving season well into cold weather
regions, or where you would encounter cold temperatures, say,
while driving high up on the mountains.

It improves the heating system of the vehicle by keeping most
of the heated air circulating under the dash where your legs and
thighs are. Without it, the hot air from the vents [in an open car]
would just dissipate away and barely any warmth would reach your

It is attached using the existing 6 bolts on the bottom part of
the dashboard. You may leave it there until no longer needed,
or you can use snaps instead to quickly attach or remove it. It
can be folded into a small size for storage.

It is not a tonneau. It is designed just to keep you warm.
Between the Heat Keeper and the electric heater built into the
car's seats, you will enjoy a much more pleasant cruise in cold
weather with or without a passenger. Of course, you still need
to dress up your torso and head for the weather, but the heat
remains under the dash. Tested in temperatures as low as 32F
(0 degree Celsius). It's a game changer. Custom made just for
you for only $245 (non-refundable).

Currently available only for the Venice models.

Send me a private message if interested. We can then discuss
details (such as fabric color, attachment method, etc) and
answer any questions you may have about it.


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Posted by: RustyTeeth
02-06-2023, 12:21 AM
Forum: Interior Mods
- Replies (1)

Microfox hooked me up with a grey heat keeper.  Mounts to dash, and can be easily removed. 
Really made well. He is a old salt. Know all that boating stuff! 
Keeps you toasty on late nights in Gettysburg.  Also hides the obnoxious raw metal around the steering column. 
Think he is working on a cover for that.
Fits to dash, and around you like a horizontal apron. Keeps all heat in! Must turn heat down gets too hot.
Mounting snaps on mine as I wanted it easily removed.

During day wont need it, but at night in PA mountains gets cold even in summer. Noticed how romantic it can be on a date. Lol

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Posted by: Napper
01-28-2023, 02:28 PM
Forum: General Discussion
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I have a 2022 Venice less than 3k miles and I’ve developed a terrible squeaking from tooth right and left suspension. I live in Pennsylvania and roads aren’t the greatest short story is a lot of pothole driving. The car was fine when I bought it but now I not turning heads because the looks of the car but from the sounds it’s making. Any thoughts on a fix

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Posted by: Rustknf
01-04-2023, 12:55 PM
Forum: Ask a Site Question
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I live in Dallas Texas area and price shopping for cheaper insurance. I am in my 50's no accidents or tickets and currently tly paying 1667 a year for the vanderhall venice gts insurance and that coverage is just the coverage I need to have to drive it. Anyone out there k ow where I can get a cheaper rate. I pay a whole year at a time but insurance is killing me for this thing.

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