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Brakelights on all the time or most of the time?

Mine were:/ I picked it up and drove it 2 hours home from the dealer and didn't realize the brakelights were stuck on until I put it in the garage for the night. Annoying and dangerous.
I'm a life-long tinkerer, but try not to be the "if ain't broke, fix it until it is" type. Anyhow, long story short, I figured it was unlikely that the switch was bad, so I worked back from there. If I manually worked the switch (under the dash worked by a pin on the brake pedal), the lights would go off too. I noticed that it was close to working right, but seemed to be binding. By putting my feet through the roll over hoops and laying under the dash (funnelled a few beers too), I was able to see that the switch seemed to be askew. Mine was binding on a bracket that likely went in after the switch. I loosed the bracket and moved the switch over 3/8" of an inch (it went to the position it wanted when I loosened the bracket) and everything was worked as intended. It ended up being an easy fix, but it could have been something that required a lot of hassle. YMMV...

Another example of pre-delivery inspection failure.

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