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Brummbar from Ohio

I have not bought a Venice yet.  I started/wanted one since the debut of the Speedster.  But, due to issues could not get one until now.....  Unfortunately, it looks more and more like i will get no Speedster at all; I will probably go with a Blackjack.

I like the Venice Blackjack; but, its not my first choice - it is a VERY good choice though; in fact, a younger me may have made it first choice..

My big quarm is that it have no heat and as I get older, that is something VERY much desired.....  Of course, I can and will add the heated seats; but, I am not sure I will or can add a conventional heater.  

Another issue I had and still have is the Factory Service Manual; I live over 100 miles from the closest VH dealer and I feel that having it must be an integral part of the purchase agreement - that continues to be a show stopper.  We will just have to see how that plays out, I guess.

I saw an earlier post about FB, I am not that big a fan of it either.  But, it seemed to be the orchestrated conduit by VH and their dealer network for info and their user-base - maybe in time i will grow to like it???   Time will tell.   I have to use FB mainly because no dealer near me has one and their ability to answer question on and general knowledge of is a bit lacking (actually, the same was true and still is true for the Speedster too.)

But, even with the misgivings above, I would like to have a Venice and will continue to pursue one  -  "ON MAY TERMS".

Here to someday being a contributing owner,


Good luck!  Especially on that service manual; is there actually such a text?  The Owner's manual is decidedly unhelpful.

If you haven’t attempted a search locally for a good private mechanic familiar with working on the GM engine in your prospective vehicle, that might be a solution to the lack of a local dealer and needed service/repair. 

As owner of a Speedster and living north of Chicago, I have found this fall that the heater is NOT an antidote to really cold weather driving.  It is pleasant and can take the deep chill off as the fall nippy weather sets in- along with use of the heated heats, but to be truly effective at freezing and below 1.) the vent/blower must be routed to the footwell and/or 2.) some sort of modification to the storm cover to allow the driver’s upper body and the controls to exit topside snugly ( kayak style) would have to be incorporated.  I have access to canvas fabricators for marine applications in my area and have some notion of seeking out such a creation next fall.... could be fun!

Coming from decades of motorcycle riding in temps at freezing and below in late fall and early spring, I can dress properly to take the VH out in that kind of weather.  In the Speedster, the left arm and hand are the most affected by the temps of course but in a standard open VH, I expect the issue to be more like a faired mc.  Heated steering wheel would be a good option!

I do hope it works out for you, the little cart is a blast and I get favorable reception from most other motor enthusiasts with only very few detractors.  So far, my most companionable riding compadre is the owner of a classic Dodge Viper; he puts his car in winter storage much sooner than I store the VH  or the mc. LOL!

Happy New Year.

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