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Bump shift install question on a 22’ Venice

Good evening fellow Vaners,
I picked up my 22’ Venice last Saturday and also got the small luggage rack and bump shifter since they had them in stock (and they were 15% off for Father’s Day).
Started the install this evening and find that the instructions are for an earlier year Venice, the shifter itself went pretty smoothly but the adjustment to the shifter linkage under the hood is completely different.
Does anyone have any insight to where the adjustment is made?

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Will have to look into it futher, but seems that its no longer adjusted in engine bay but a spacer at the stick shifter end that allows shifter to go into "M" position.

That activates the bump or paddle shifters.

I was able to get the entire cable out from the trans side to figure out it’s adjustment, it’s slightly different from the older cables but same principle so I was able to adjust it and get the shifter into manual position, nothing was needed from the shifter end.

Any Pictures? I see your pix, where was the adjustments made? Thanks!

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