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Fuel bubbles

I had a new vanderhall Carmel . I filled up the tank with non ethanol gas and everything went fine . When filled up the tank for the second time ( non ethanol gas also ) I noticed foam formation at the tank neck area. I closed  the cap and drove but it did not drive smoothly as the motor did not response well and it stalled . The engine warning light came on but after about 8 miles of driving everything went back to normal and the light disappeared . Any input regarding why I had foam formation and what I did wrong in filling up . ?

How many miles on her? Common gas cap issues, and kicking codes. I had foam 1st fill up, but I overfilled and it leaves a puddle!

I had 200 miles . May be the foam formation is is indication of over filling ?

The tank is a square box in front of the rear tire, the fuel inlet drops straight into it, not much room for error. Im close to 2k miles and evap and gas cap codes kicks all the time. Still working on the quirks.
Thought was fuel related, then cap related.

The foam was just too much fizz lol

Foam on gasoline is pretty normal. It's the additives in part, but also that gas is just an alkane and they do that.
I cannot really come up with a new response for the engine light. A gas cap that does not vent is a good explanation- I've seen similar behavior on motorcycles.

If it does it again- pull over (safely) and open the gas cap. Does it make a 'whooshing' noise? If so- it is probably not venting properly and that is an easy fix.

I've got ~4K miles on mine and have never had this happen.

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