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Hello from Portland, OR

Hello Folks,  I am a proud but skeptical owner of a brand new 2020 Vanderhall Venice GT.  I had originally purchased a brand new 2019 Vanderhall Venice GT that was left over dealer stock. Upon taking delivery of my VV I noticed the belt seemed loose and asked the driver if this was normal. He didn’t think it seemed odd and the driver went on his way.  Shortly after he left I decided to take the VV to go get gas and the VV made a loud belt noise but the noise subsided.  I proceeded to drive to the gas station and put gas.  Upon restarting the VV the belt noise continued but subsided once again. When arrived back home I contacted my salesman and filmed the restart of the engine with the belt noise and sent him the videos and informed him of the issue.  I literally drove the 2019 VV for 20 minutes Home to gas station and back home)and I bought the 2019 VV with 74 miles on the odometer.  My salesman apologized and sent the driver to pick the VV the following day. I received a call back from my salesman 2 business days later after their mechanic had an opportunity to inspect the VV.  I was unfortunately informed that there was a defect with the belt tensioner and due to the belt slippage it cost internal engine damage and the engine needs to be replaced by Vanderhall. Due to the inconvenience the dealer offered me a 2020 VV GT which is how I ended up with a 2020. I was told by my salesman that Vanderhall has only seen this defect on a couple of other VV which is what makes my ownership of the 2020 Reliability a bit skeptical.  I couldn’t make this up if I tried, lol.  I hope to learn more about the VV.

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