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Hood bolt problems

I've seen several people mention that the hood attach bolts can be a pain to line up with the floating clip nuts.
I took off my hood and found that the forward most and aft most on each side are basically not accessible. The other two on each side you can reach in and position the clip nut while putting the bolt in.
With the hood removed I put some masking tape on the mounted clip on the car that the clip attaches to, put the hood on and lined up where the other bolts went in and attached, then marked on the tape where the clip nut needed to be, removed the hood, put some gorilla tape on the clip nut and installed it where the mark was. I installed the hood and poked through the tape so the bolt would go in easy.
I also replaced the 30mm long bolts with 20mm.
Hope this helps.

Update on the hood bolt issue:  Replaced the nylon insert with Rivnuts worked great. Then I noticed a bid of body/hood noise vibration. Had to remove all screws, let the hood settle into its natural position. Then adjust the Rivnuts so they aligned with the body holes as the body was resting on its edges. By aligning the brackets and the Rivnut height was able to eliminate any vibration. Guess 1 or 2 was elevating the hood causing a shudder a odd times. Also the brackets that hold the fasteners can be aligned away or towards the body panel so it sits nice flush on horizonal surfaces.  Very nice sturdy feel. Seems the good spot to have good hold is in the middle of the slot. The nylon ones rides down completely till you cant reach it. I had mine slightly higher. Now adjusted is center position

 I'm pleased Thank you Dannov4v

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