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Rear Fender Kit Install

I have a 2018 Venice and have the rear fender kit P/A in a box from the dealer. No instructions included. So, before I get started.
does anyone have experience installing this kit? If so, I'd appreciate any tips or instructions you might have. I've asked the dealer weeks ago for instructions and no luck.
There's  enough hardware and washers that doing it right is important....especially where the fender bracket attaches to the swingarm.

Last week I installed the dead pedal kit and made a short video with some valuable tips on that. Here's a link for the dead pedal kit.
I will also make a video  for the rear fender kit after I learn more and can follow the proper steps. Thank you!!


I have a 2020 Blackjack and I am installing a fender kit. I had to buy the kit and paint the fender matte (they only come in gloss). No instructions with kit and not much online:/ I have got it mostly figured out from looking online (maybe your video Mark?) and looking at VHs with fenders (hub cap hides details). The swingarm bolts are in with red loctite and take some convincing to come off. I will blue loctite them back, but will have to guess at the torque for M10. The plastic hub cover I got with the “kit” needed to be modified to fit also around the fender mount (quite a bit so guessing they send the a stock one with the “kit”).

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