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Rear Wheel Bearing

After reading on the FB Forum (not really a forum) about people experiencing what is suspected to be a bad rear wheel bearing, I decided to check if I had any issues.  I have a 2018 Venice with about 5500 miles.  Never driven hard.
The way to check it is to push against the side of the rear tire firmly and rock it side to side.  I found that my tire/wheel was actually loose and had play in it.  I called my dealer's service department and was told they were aware there were some issues.  He told me one owner had his rear wheel come off.  I didn't think that could happen unless it was so bad the axle broke, and should have been obvious beforehand.  Anyway, mines not real bad, so I will drive it to the service shop to get it checked out.  Not close.
I was told their procedure for any warranty work was to inspect it, then they deal with Vanderhall in Provo to get agreement to do the repair, and concur on their getting paid as a warranty fix.  All this take time, and they won't do any work until all this is settled.  He said they only work on Vanderhalls about one day per week (they are real busy with motorcycles, boats, 4-wheelers, etc.), and they have a couple Vanderhalls now waiting for work, so I should expect to have to leave it for several weeks.  WOW!  This isn't SERVICE!

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