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Rear Wheel Bearing

After reading on the FB Forum (not really a forum) about people experiencing what is suspected to be a bad rear wheel bearing, I decided to check if I had any issues.  I have a 2018 Venice with about 5500 miles.  Never driven hard.
The way to check it is to push against the side of the rear tire firmly and rock it side to side.  I found that my tire/wheel was actually loose and had play in it.  I called my dealer's service department and was told they were aware there were some issues.  He told me one owner had his rear wheel come off.  I didn't think that could happen unless it was so bad the axle broke, and should have been obvious beforehand.  Anyway, mines not real bad, so I will drive it to the service shop to get it checked out.  Not close.
I was told their procedure for any warranty work was to inspect it, then they deal with Vanderhall in Provo to get agreement to do the repair, and concur on their getting paid as a warranty fix.  All this take time, and they won't do any work until all this is settled.  He said they only work on Vanderhalls about one day per week (they are real busy with motorcycles, boats, 4-wheelers, etc.), and they have a couple Vanderhalls now waiting for work, so I should expect to have to leave it for several weeks.  WOW!  This isn't SERVICE!

Update 8/16/2020 on the wheel bearing issue I mentioned on 6/12:
I took the VV to the dealer on July 21 to have the rear wheel bearing checked.  They put it on a lift and showed me all three were loose and needed replacing.  I drove it home, awaiting resolution.  They didn't want me to drive it, but I had no choice.  If they are that concerned about wheel bearings, why don't they have a recall?  I would still be driving it as was, if I hadn't noticed the problem myself.  How many more of you are driving around on bad bearings?
They got the warranty work approved by the factory, and got the replacement bearings without too much delay.
I took it in on August 13 for the replacement work.  I waited for it, and that all went well.
I assume I'm good for awhile - my warranty is up in 3 weeks.

VH seems reluctant to issue TSB's or recalls. VH is aware that driveshaft boots are defective, every owner should get both driveshafts (as I have) replaced under warrantee. I will be checking my wheels for bearing issues. Soon someone is going to crash and be injured or killed due to a wheel or driveshaft failure and then VH will be paying big money.

My 2020 Venice BJ is the most fun vehicle I've ever owned but I no longer feel it is safe. I wish I had not purchased it.

I got mine from Ohio and drove it back to MD. Took it to the local Vanderhall dealer (Harley) for a proactive once over and oil change and all three bearings needed replacement as well as the left axle. I requested that the right axle be replace as well because it just makes sense. I live in the country with windy roads and I drive it like it's designed to be driven. I was told several weeks to get the parts but this thing is made up of all stuff in the usa already...

I really hope it doesn't keep coming back with issues!

Once your dealer gets your VH correct all will be well. It is the factories final inspection team that is a failure. I had to have 5 fixes on my 2020 VHVBJ but now with 7900 miles on it she runs with no problems.

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