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Review Posting Guidelines

Dealership Reviews
  • POST TITLE - Should be in the format [Dealership Name] - [City], [State] (e.g. Heinen Motorsports - Osseo, MN)
  • POST MESSAGE - Should include details about why your experience was good or bad. If you had a horrible experience, you don't need to mention the names of the staff you worked with, but if your experience was great, feel free to drop names of the salesperson or other staff you interacted with that made it so great
 Vendor Reviews

  • POST TITLE - Should be the name of the vendor as it appears in the vendor section of the forums
  • POST MESSAGE - Like with a dealership review, you should include details about why your experience was good or bad with the vendor, to help the next person who may want to purchase from them get a better idea for what to expect
Photographs are encouraged for all reviews but not always relevant, therefore not required.

Please try and keep the reviews G-rated and civil. This is not the place to wish death on your salesman, or organize a mob to storm a vendor's house. Foul language and/or threatening language will cause your review to be removed.

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