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Vanderhaulin in Wisconsin!

Greetings! I am a Vanderhall owner and love em! I have been involved with them for about 3 years now. Our dealership where I work picked up the Vanderhall line after I saw them at a trade show in Vegas. I've been to the factory, worked quite a bit on them with custom mods, basic maintenance, and fixed a few here and there... It has been a great ride so far learning about the product. I'm here to help anyone that may need some Vanderhall advice, answer technical questions, or even offer free demo rides without any pressure of buying one! ( The units themselves do that after you drive one, lol.) Drive safe, have fun, and enjoy your Vanderhalls! 
Vanderhall of Shawano

Well hello there in Northern Wi.
Beautiful country up there; GreenBay and NW.

I used to go to Hayward for skiing and mountain biking.

When I get my Speedster back from the shop and am satisfied that it is reliably fixed ( wheel bearing blow out), I’ll consider taking a run up there and drop by your shop.

Never visited Shawano, but I’m guessing that snowmobiles are the rec vehicle of choice for a large portion of the year.

Paul AB
( 50 miles south of Milwaukee)

I've been to Shawano! Awesome supermoto track!!!!!!

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