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Heater and riding in the rain


Would like to know how efficient the heater is in the Venice.   I was originally looking to get a speedster next year, but now am thinking about a Blackjack.  One of the options NA on the Blackjack is a heater.   I live in Minnesota, so the fall and early spring are a bit chilly.   Just wondering if anyone uses the heater and would miss it if it were gone.    I currently ride motorcycles, so I am ok with the cold, but if the heater really helps might need to reconsider my choice.  

Also, would like to know how "waterproof" the interior is.  I do a couple cross country trips on bikes each year and always seem to catch a day or two of riding in the rain.   My hope is to use the Venice for the cross country trips and retire the bikes to <3500 mile jaunts.    getting old....  Smile



I'm in the Pacific NW and other than summer, most riding is cool to cold.  I find the heated seat good, but have to turn it off and on - it gets too warm, even on the lowest setting.  The heater is also a good item.  I blow both vents onto me since I don't usually have a passenger.  The drawback with the heater is that it blows at you, instead of at your legs and feet.  the legs and feet don't get heat. They should have pointed them downward.  I rigged a tube to divert one of the vents down towards my feet, for coldest riding.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

I've only been caught in the rain briefly a few times.  Water comes off the top of the windshield and pretty much goes over your head.  The worst is the spray coming off the front tires (I have the optional rear fender), even just on wet roads.  It can make a mess.  I don't think there is much concern with the interior getting wet. When your moving not much comes inside.  The problem is just cleaning up dirty spray.

Thanks for the insight. I think the heated seat alone will more than likely steer me towards a speedster.

I have a Speedster (~2 weeks now) and drove it home ~750 miles through sub 20' weather going over 11k ft passes, and having the heated seats / heater were very nice to have.
Yesterday I drove in 40' sunny weather and still used both. As mentioned, the heater does not blow on your feet....sure would be nice if it did.

I'd also say that the speedster heater probably works better than the 2 seater just because the cowl would hold in some of the hot air.....

I'm also in MN. The heated seats are what ya need. The heater doesn't do much really. Going to do some mods this winter and reroute the vents to point at the legs.

I would definitely take the heater. I'm in Indiana and below 50deg it adds comfort to the ride

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