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Hi, in Raleigh, NC

Just picked up a 2020 Venice Blackjack. I figure if they are going to build something like this AND the DOT is going to allow us to have it, count me in! 
Not many Vanderhalls around since the nearest dealer is an hour away. I did see a Carmel GT today - shout-out!
I’m still breaking it in and already fixed a glitch with the brake pedal light switch. A bracket was interfering with the switch mount and binding it up. I separated them and works fine now. I will be adding the bump steer 1st thing, so if anyone has one and doesn’t want it or wants to switch to paddle shift, hit me up!

Congrats on your purchase, I too have a 2020 Venice Blackjack and love it. I have had problems but they seem to be worked out now. I purchased in March and I have 5800 miles on it.

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