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(09-23-2020, 03:23 PM)TXrider Wrote:  Is anyone else experiencing their Venice eating the front tires? and if so can any alignment shop straighten it?
Yeah, we all getting chewed on. I suspect it is just the tires - sticky but very, very soft. There is a few of us that have gone into it ad nauseum in “Tires and Suspension”. New tires = no more weird wear patterns. No chamber adjustment, toe in/out = 0. You can almost eyeball it. Caster, dunno, but if they aren’t flopping around like the front wheels on a bad shopping cart, I wouldn’t worry. Change your tires, keep an eye on it and soon you will be bored waiting for something to happen.

Thank yall for the responses, I took it to my local dealer who has the "special tool" from Vanderhall, they got it lined up. put new shoes on it, went on a 800 mile run, no issues.

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