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What Helmets are you guys wearing

(07-25-2019, 01:16 PM)Backyard Hockey Wrote:  I bought these.  $23 on Amazon.  Can swap out lenses.  Work great.

Thanks, Backyard Hockey! Ordered a pair for my wife and I

I'm trying to avoid buying any eyewear other than sunglasses Smile Though, my dog rides with me often and I am considering getting him a pair of goggles. But my Venice has been having warranty work for going on 4 weeks so neither of us needs anything at this point Sad

2018 Venice (Burgundy) 
BNR Engine & Trans Tune
3" Exhaust by Southeast Coating & Fabrication 
BNR downpipe
Kicker 1" Tweeters, Kicker 6.5 door speakers & Kicker Amp

My first road trip I did not wear a helmet. A couple observations from that trip. After opening it up my hair and mustache were tangled. I also met an 18 wheeler on a 2 lane road who kicked up a lot of sand and salt left over from winter. Painful lesson.
My third road trip I had a motorcycle helmet with me with a full clear shield. I went without wearing the helmet until I started on unknown roads. Glad I put it on, one of the roads was tarred with loose gravel on the tar. Front wheels picked up and pelted me. Lot of ping ping ping off the helmet and face shield but no pain this time. :-)
To me, what it boils down to, where and what I am up to if I wear a helmet.


In Northern Illinois, I ride in all seasons and on all types of roads in all types of traffic.  So I use a wide variety of head and eye protective gear.

The Bell Ace Cafe classic racer helmet with the snap-on full face shield is good for winter riding and on higher speed roadways like the interstates.  It’s a holdover from my MC history and is wired for phone and audio-video recording.

In fall and spring, the half helmet with the snap-on short bill coupled with Bobster interchangeable lens goggles works well.  Sourced on Amazon.
Not as speed stable for clear vision as the Bell helmet or the pilot’s  goggles.

In summer, the ubiquitous baseball cap is one choice. Another is the soft wool driver’s cap for a comfortable fit with air flow through the fabric.  Colder weather might call for the fur lined pilots skull cap which also warms the ears.  All of these work extremely comfortably and well for vision and eye protection with the Global Vision pilot’s goggles in that photo.  They are sold as a pair on Amazon for a paltry 25$.  They are far and away the best and most comfortable fit and with the two pair, one dark for sun and one yellow for night vision, you are well and good!

No helmet required in Nevada, or nearby AZ and UT. If I plan on a long interstate ride I'll bring one along but 90% of my riding is helmet free.

There are also motorcycle sunglasses (as opposed to goggles). For example:

I am not endorsing these- I don't own them- they just illustrate the type with the foam seal around the eyes.
You should wear eye protection, but whatever you wear, make sure you have good peripheral vision.

(07-31-2020, 10:40 PM)gudgeonpin Wrote:  There are also motorcycle sunglasses (as opposed to goggles).  For example:

I am not endorsing these- I don't own them- they just illustrate the type with the foam seal around the eyes.
You should wear eye protection, but whatever you wear, make sure you have good peripheral vision.
Oldster in a Speedster and I use these. Can read the gauges and the GPS. I also use an older DOT-blessed polo helmet as it has a real brim on it. Don’t see them any more (except novelty ones), I think they are outlawed now and all you can get are half-shells with a snap on brim that looks like half a squatty bird beak glued to a black bowl. In FL and I’d wear a ball cap but they look stupid with chin straps. Honestly, though, I do wear one anyway. If you get T-boned from the left, the VDH will probably hold up pretty well as it is so light weight and I doubt the bathtub would deform much as it rapidly changed direction from the impact but your head wouldn’t and would embed itself in the grill of that pickup. Same for the right side for the Speedsters with the fairing (and aluminum support struts) by your right ear. Your left shoulder and arm, etc, would get banged up but you wouldn’t be spending the rest of your life in a wheelchair with a drool cup. You could use your good arm to call a lawyer. Frankly, I wish they made a DOT approved pith helmet as I am tired of getting my face nicked for protocancers. I have full-face helmets that I use once in a blue moon on my bikes, usually when near freezing, but man wasn’t made to go through life with his head in a bucket and it certainly whips the joy out of driving. In summer in the SE it’s like ordering a waterboarding to go.

Finally, agree with gudgeonpin, keep your peripheral vision intact. The other drivers aren’t watching so no need to willfully blind yourself.

These have reasonably good peripherals but have a bit of a “Matrix” look to them:

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