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Wheel problem

    Need some help.  I noticed leaking oil/fluid from my right wheel.  I attached a picture.  Any advice?  Oh....the only Vanderhall dealership in my state folded.

The CV boot protects the CV joint from debris and keeps grease from being flung around. If there is a tear, you would need to replace the boot. But in the photo it looks more like oil - which would have to come from a seal on the engine somewhere else and dripping on there. I would check for a hole/rip/crack in the boot first.

Thanks for the info, I will check on this and post back what I find

1. I was able to contact the mechanic from my old dealer (who went out of business) and he kindly took a look at the pictures and suggested it probably came from the wheel bearing. He suggested I wipe if off and see if it comes back...if not, no worries. By the way, he does not work for a dealer selling Vanderhalls anymore, so he has no skin in the game. Just a good dude.

2. I was able to make contact with Vanderhall b/c the regional rep for them is a really good guy. His job is not to deal with customers, but because my shop closed and there is no other in the state he has offered to be a direct link for troubleshooting until a new dealer is up (which I am told is happening soon). Interestingly, his sources back at Vanderhall gave the exact same advice as above - apparently this is something that can and does happen on cars/trucks frequently and people don't notice b/c they are not crawling under their vehicles, as the Vanderhall has the open wheel making it easy to observe.
As to why it looks like oil....I was told that the bearing grease can take on that appearance when this happens. I am mechanically illiterate so I will take their word for it.

I followed the advice and so far nothing leaking. Will post if there are any developments

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