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need help with BNR tuner

I purchased a BNR tuner for my Venice and it is unable to get past the "gather information" part.  Any advice?

When I did mine I plugged it in, then turned the key to "on".
That was it.

Thanks....i searched google and found an HP tuners page that said to resync. It worked fine then. My problem now is getting anything from BNR. waiting...waiting...waiting....

Yeah - I emailed them a bunch of times with no response - Finally had to call them.

I am getting angry now - they are past the time they said they would deliver the tune and worse I cannot get a reply via email. Calling is a waste as it goes to an "unmonitored" VM. I am beginning to wonder if this is a scam operation

Finally received the tune...still completely unable to get a response from BNR regarding questions about the tune (e.g. turbo is poorly matched). Overall it is nice, but not worth the nearly $900 dollars. Probably would not do it again

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