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Posted by: RustyTeeth
05-17-2022, 01:31 PM
Forum: General Maintenance & Troubleshooting
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After a bit of research the lines that run out to the A arms flex with temperatures, body flex,steering and misrouted cables.  The fix is a small hoop to route cables keeping them from hitting and destroying the cables and CV accordion looking boot.

Do a quick visual and see if your in potential harm.
Have a  pix of a bad and a nicer routing. The silver metal hoop holds cabling safely away.

Year seems to have nothing to do with it.

Now starting to see CV axles issues, possible do to shock squat. I have 9" from ground to chassis others have noted 3" then the drive shaft is tilted upwards. Normal is just about flat viewed from front.
Rear has 5" from top of tire to tip of body panel.

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Posted by: MN_Number_Muncher
05-13-2022, 07:40 PM
Forum: General Maintenance & Troubleshooting
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Hey all!  I'll start by saying I have a call into my dealership already and am just waiting to hear back.  Figured I'd see if anyone else had this issue while I wait.  Picked up my 2022 Venice last weekend and just turned over the 100 mark this morning (don't judge, it's been raining almost every day since we got it), however it's not displaying the 1 in the hundreds spot on the odometer.  The tens and ones digits are still working as expected.  This also appears to be the case on the trip odometer too.  Had anyone had a similar issue and was able to fix it easily?  I'm thinking they'll need to replace the speedo/odometer.  At least I can still drive and enjoy it while I wait.  Smile

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Posted by: lct
05-12-2022, 02:50 PM
Forum: General Maintenance & Troubleshooting
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Hi, just bought a new 2022 Venice GTS and after 260 miles I got the check engine light on. The car ran smooth and no issues while in idle, but I took to the dealership anyway. It took them several days to get back to me, saying that they ran the scanner and found that the error code for the gas cap sensor, they contacted Vanderhall who told them to clear the code and ride for 60 miles and see if the check engine light would come back on again.

I went to pick up the car, they had put 10 miles on it already. I brought it back home, drove a few times, and around 70 miles after clearing the code the check engine light got back on again. I called the dealership and they want me to take the vehicle back for another tests (what ever that means).

 I bought a OBD reader and scanned the codes, see the attachment. I'm looking for guidance since the dealership is kind far from me.

EDIT: attachment did got through. Here are the codes:
P0442 EVA System Leak Detected
P0650 MIL Control circuit/Open

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Posted by: sabbott1958
05-11-2022, 05:01 PM
Forum: Transmission & Drivetrain
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Looking to replace my shift knob. Does the knob come off or the entire stem? Best way to remove?

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Posted by: sabbott1958
05-09-2022, 06:23 AM
Forum: New Member Introductions
- Replies (2)

New 2022 Venice GTS, beautiful ride, white with cranberry interior.
My frame is 6ft, 265
Any tips on exiting the vehicle?
And yes, lol I'm trying to shape up and lose weight

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Posted by: bockstroker
05-08-2022, 11:33 PM
Forum: New Member Introductions
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Hello from Texas, looking on the forum for information, mods and driving buddies. Recently retired and traded the Harley.  Thought the Venice might keep me out on the road with the wind in my hair. So far, it is at least as much fun, great ride.  Anybody near Victoria, Texas, give me a shout.

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Posted by: Hogzilla
05-03-2022, 08:56 PM
Forum: New Member Introductions
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Hello everyone!  Bought a 2022 Venice GT last week and always join a forum that supports the crazy things I purchase.  Coming out of a 18 Morgan 3 Wheeler.  Long story about the Morgan that I won't bore you with, anyway looking forward to tips and tricks on enjoying and working on this car.  I have already added the BNR tuner and waiting on the 3rd brake light kit.  I have had some issues right out of the box with the key fob.  Working through that now.  The car is fun and a blast to drive.  Thanks for letting me be a part of this group, I look forward to getting to know everyone

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Posted by: 2022VeniceGTS
04-30-2022, 12:54 AM
Forum: General Maintenance & Troubleshooting
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Today I was changing the oil on my 2022 Venice GTS. When I removed the bolts holding on the hood the body clip for the bolt closest to the cockpit separated from the frame. Because Vanderhall just assumed no one would even need to have access to this clip, there was no way to put it back on the frame mount. 

To access it, I had to remove the windshield, cowl and mirrors. Once I had gained access, I discovered that just like all the other body clips, the clip just floats on the frame mount. No matter how I bent the clip, I could not guarantee that it wouldn’t just fall off the next time I removed the hood. 

The fix I came up with was to place some electrical tape at the base of the frame mount thus creating just enough of a lip to prevent the clip from falling off the mount or below the drilled hole in the cowl. I have to say that I’m extremely disappointed that Vanderhall didn’t think to simply weld something to the frame mount preventing the clip from possibly falling off. Hell, even just applying a piece of tape like I did would have prevented me from having to spend 3 hours removing every piece of fiberglass off the front of the Vanderhall. 

I caution all of you reading this to be careful when undoing those bolts. I knew the three clips forward of the cowl were free floating but I did assume that the clips inside the frame were welded in place. The clips holding the snap screws closest to the cockpit are welded in place to prevent exactly what happened to me from happening there. Have to love the engineers at Vanderhall.

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Posted by: Dannov4v
04-26-2022, 01:06 AM
Forum: Venice Chat
- Replies (11)

My 2022 Venice. Just got it a month ago but am seriously disappointed with the whole thing for several reasons. From the buying experience to the driving experience.
Overall, for $30K I feel I could have spent it better on something that was a bit more proven, workmanship would be better and at my age of 60 provide me with more fun than curiosity, fear etc. from the product.
You don't know you like a house until you really live in it. You don't really know if you like a car until you drive it.
The things I'm not happy with are more inconvenience items like the open air cockpit is fun to drive until about 40mph, then the air noise is just ridiculous. Something that could have been solved with a larger windshield. The ever looming cracking windshield, I shouldn't have to spend $500 for an aftermarket windshield to get something that won't crack or break by a bug or rock hitting it, especially if I'm 200 miles from home! Windshield bracket design could have been better in my opinion.
Rear wheel bearing failures? Really? Another design flaw, mistake, oversight...(thanks Paul for your design, I installed it for piece of mind even if they did "fix" the issue) however you want to look at it, it's inexcusable! The initial CV boot issues (Luckily I was told this was supposedly corrected by the 2022 model year), well with the factories reputation thus far with support, response, assistance etc. to dealerships and customers alike....yeah, I'd rather not deal with that to be honest, again, if it had cost $10K, I could see it, but for the price of a proven vehicle, um, no, again not acceptable. The "surging" at cruise speed issue, again, I don't think this should be an issue straight from the factory/dealership. The gas cap breaks and just spins, and unless you know to put downward pressure on it you cannot open it to get gas or to replace it! Come on VH, get your shit together!
The total lack of dealer support that many on this forum and online have complained about is a slap in the face to the people who attempt to support the USA maufacturing, industries etc. but when you see the workmanship on these cars, (minus the finish work that is pretty and on point) you have to wonder if you just paid for the uniqueness and technology behind the design (or lack there of) of some of the parts and solutions to form or fitment?
Off my soapbox, and on to writing a for sale ad to pass my vehicle on to someone else who can enjoy it more than I am able to, due to age, being too critical or just plain disapponted in a supposed American made product.


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Posted by: lvanvleck
04-18-2022, 06:22 PM
Forum: New Member Introductions
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Howdy, All....
Just got my '22 Venice GT a couple weeks ago, and using it every chance I get. Weather ins't yet cooperating here in Colorado...
Loving the experience so far!
Question: Twice now my speedo has indicated incorrectly (anywhere from 75-110 while stopped). It has eventually zeroed itself out, but doesn't make me very comfortable... Any ideas out there?

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